Monday, 30 November 2009

Dancin dancin dancin...Oooooooh yeeeeeah!

I've just remembered two spectacles that have absolutely blown my mind and that everyone should see. I WISH I could do this!



Friday, 27 November 2009

things that are far more interesting than any of that self pitying bullshit

well actually just reading Wuthering Heights is actually far more interesting. BUT even more so is David Foster Wallace. Perry, Perry, you have shown me the way. Also more interesting is Mervyn Peake and Francis Bacon and Judith Butler and Susan Sontag AND AND AND AND. There are many more ands but I guess I can save them for later.



so i posted that, right. and then, a little advert comes up (courtesy of google, very kind, very very kind indeed) i'm going to reproduce it as faithfully as possible.
are you ready? it blew my mind.

How to Find a Good Man
10 Dangerous Mistakes Women Make That Ruin The Perfect Relationship

If I was a ranter, I would rant at length about all the things that are wrong with this. As it is, I'm not, and I DO NOT HAVE THAT MUCH TIIIIIIME.

ok ayok okay

OKAY. So far so far so bad. I have been embarassed and I have thought too much and I have deleted and I have ummed and aaahed and generally been an idiot. Enough. Will he turn up? Yeah it's 6am so fucking what, this is not something that I consider to be a major factor in a life crisis of the kind which makes you want to scream insane and preferably wet and cold in the rain and on a moor like Cathy and Heathcliff (except nothing will ever be that insane or that sexy or that RAW), the pepperpot of pathetic fallacy working it's dark and stormy magic. No, he will not turn up. Because he hasn't read it. I've had quite enough of waiting THANKYOU.