Sunday, 6 December 2009


Well for some reason I have woken up at the unearthly hour of before 9am on a Sunday...and since yesterday I refused to embrace the day in any way at all whatsoever, I thought perhaps I'd give living a try today instead. I've opened the window and the breeze is pretty freaking fresh, ooooh yeah! The view out of my window is very very nice: once I get a freaking camera you'll be in for a treat! Waiting for a bird to come and land on my windowsill, so I can offer it my dainty hand and pretend to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast,,,maybe running rampant through Sale crying 'Bonjour' to all the townsfolk.

Better in German, I'm sure you'll agree.
Aaaah Belle, she wants something a bit more out of her life, and she's punished in all sorts of ways. Claassic Gothic. We ladies should just stay at home in the kitchen eh! Well that's my plan anyway. Wouldn't want to end up like the penguin in the Werner Herzog film Encounters at the End of the World. It seems that he has gone mad, and can no longer stand to hang out with the other pinguinos, and so toddles off on his own towards the mountains and to a certain death. Watch this film and you will never be able to stop thinking about this penguin: it's heartbreaking. But absolute respect to him - he chooses a path and it's a different one and it's ultimately a dangerous one, but at least he has the balls to do it. Like these guys in another Herzog film, called La Soufriere. They live in a town about to be engulfed by a volcanic eruption, and everyone else has fled for their lives, but they just hang about, saying that it is God's will, and they aren't afraid of death. And it seems like a crazy thing to do, but they are so calm, and so accepting, that it comes off as the most amazing decision ever. They keep on saying that they are not at all afraid, and that they will just sit and await their fate, as cooly as one might await, I duno, a slightly late mate. You can find out about Herzog's films right here:

We should all be this cool with death I should be cool to talk about it, laugh about it, joke about it; it should be cool to be cool with it. COOL COOL COOL! Why is it so horrific to some people that on Desert Island Discs Morrissey professed to have great respect for those who take their own lives, and would take a bag of sleeping pills in case he wanted to make a quick exit from the island?! You can listen to his lovely lovely voice and hear his contraversial opinions by going to...
...and the reaction...

Why can't someone talk about taking their own life without coming under attack for it? Why can't someone be of the opinion that choosing to end your own life is an honourable thing to do? If people were cooler with death, then someone choosing to end it all would be absolutely fine. The reason people are not cool with it is because they are selfish and weak and believe that their own happiness should come above that of others. i.e; the person who has killed themselves is no longer suffering, but those around them are because they believe that they are somehow entitled to still benefit from that person's existence. Or something like that. I am in no way detracting from the suffering that suicide OBVIOUSLY causes...and I'm pretty sure this was not the intention of good old Mozza himself, I'm just saying that the taboos surrounding death and how we talk about it are unnecessary and damaging and I do not agree with them. This is why I think Six Feet Under is absolutely amazing: as the characters are forced to come to terms with their own mortality, so is the audience. Death is deglamourized, desanitized, and approached from every angle concievable: essential viewing and balm for the soul recovering from the mantra 'Jesus conquers death'. If you need no such recovery, count yourself lucky.

Other soothers, and just general enjoyments for before you die, are around in the form of a) ironically, a documentary called LIFE. Yes Mr Atten-burrrrrrrgh has done it again and this time in HD....HOW EXCITING. Basically, animals are amazing and we are animals and therefore this kind of thing is super interesting and on BBC1 on errr Thursdays or something I think.

b) even more ironically and with a life/death/gothic theme which links absolutely everything in this post with great APLOMB (what a word), another HBO series called True Blood. Yes it's about Vampires, YES it is totally ridiculous and utterly escapist, BUT it is totally amazing. And Alan Ball (Six Feet Under/American Beauty) has written it so if that doesn't persuade you then nothing will.
Yes, thankyou, au revoir.

I guess I lied when I said I wasn't a ranter. I resolve never to rant in this manner again.

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