Thursday, 24 December 2009

Fuuuuuuckin yeah!!

Snow! Christmas! More snow! /// CAMERA TIME IN T MINUS 21 HOOUUUUUURRRRS// An insane journey to find a red kettle// Some quality hang out time with Broomville associates/// Best night I've had in a fucking long time? Snow/Magic// More snow than you have ever imagined in your life if you live in this godforsakenly temparate country. Links links linkss tramps plans talking blues/// ABSOLUTE WOW///. prolonged hunger/not being paid on time/buying too many presents when it was surely decided that that was a baaaaad idea due to lack of funds///oh well. home and food and old friends and genius children all the way from Bangkok who are the only ones who match our Jerry in lpm//laughs per minute. Festivuuuuuus!

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